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Market Commentary

Is the Best Yet to Come?

Although we are not yet through the worst of the pandemic, the stock market continues to advance. Many investors have asked why there is a disconnect between the stock market and the economy.

Importance of a Long-Term View

We believe that to be successful through all cycles of investing, investors need to take a long-term view of the markets. If your asset allocation is well-balanced and aligned properly with your short, intermediate, and long-term goals, you should be positioned to weather any storm. Do not let your emotions of fear and anxiety derail your positive outcome over time.

Fear, Anxiety, Volatility and Opportunity

Today’s headlines are like those we read in 2008-09, the difference being that we are fighting a virus that has caused world economies to partially shut down. This is not a permanent shut down of our economy caused by bad business plans or financial imbalances.