“Your Vision, Our Expertise: Your Peace of Mind” ®

The Legacy Philosophy – We believe every successful, client-driven service business needs a strong philosophical foundation.  At Legacy, we are committed to serving your financial needs with:

Teamwork – No one individual can be an expert on all aspects of estate planning, taxes and investments.  To ensure your financial needs are being met with comprehensive expertise, we develop a wealth-management team approach.  Our team, in conjunction with your attorney and accountant, will assure coordinated, tax-efficient decisions in all areas of your wealth-management plan while providing individualized service.

Clear Communication – We pride ourselves on being able to discuss the sometimes-complicated world of investing in a concise, straight-forward manner.  Our goal is to make absolutely sure you come away from every interaction with our team feeling comfortable and informed about all decisions affecting your overall financial needs.  We act as your guide through life’s transitions.

Values-Based Advice – As we protect and enhance your financial wealth, we are here to help you consider the non-financial aspects of your legacy.  If you are passing wealth on to loved ones, we can work with you to answer the difficult questions: “Are your loved ones prepared to receive their inheritance?” “How much is enough?”  We can also help you determine the best way to maintain the lifestyle you desire while still contributing to the organizations and institutions you support.

A Focus on Objectives – We all have personal financial goals.  Whether you are passing on your values to heirs, minimizing your estate taxes, providing for retirement cash flow, developing a risk management strategy in case of catastrophic events such as death or disability, or bridging the communication gap when you no longer can or want to spend time on day-to-day decisions, we listen in order to help you make good investment decisions during difficult times.  You may have multiple investment portfolios that have different tax structures and tax implications, out-of-date legal documents that no longer fit your current philosophy, or the need to begin drafting legal documents .  No matter your priorities or the current structure of your investments, we maintain a relentless focus on your most important objectives.